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"We started Stats Sports Bar and Grill in March 2010 using big market names for our spices, our food received good reviews from our cliental. In March 2012 we switched to Andy’s All-Purpose Spice Mix and our customer approval has gone through the roof. This is a great spice, using a great taste mixture, without killing you with salt. Worth the money to try out, you won’t be disappointed."
Jessica Statlander and Tate Powers
STATS Sports Bar and Grill

"Harvest season is upon us here in Southwest Iowa, I had bought some Iowa pork ribs when they were on sale (I can't eat any of our home raised pigs, they would be the best but I can't bring myself to eat our hand massaged gilt named Sexy Sandy.) I just cooked my first rack of pork ribs from scratch. I simply rubbed the ribs down with Andy's All-Purpose Spice Mix for the dry rub covered them with a beer and slow cooked them in the oven. My husband just announced "These are the BEST ribs that I have ever eaten" So the next night I tried my hand at a beef brisket slow cooking in the crock pot with Andy's All-Purpose Spice Mix. My family stated that "Mom hit a home run two nights in a row." I believe the secret has to do with Andy's All-Purpose Seasoning Mix"
Marcie O.

"Andy's All-Purpose Spice Mix is a great addition to any meal. Despite a cabinet full of name brand spices you'll find yourself reaching for Andy's All-Purpose Spice Mix. It goes great on chicken, steak, pork and lots more."
Ryan D.

"Andy's All-Purpose Spice Mix is a great addition to our spice cabinet! It's delicious on everything from pork chops to chicken breasts to fish. I love putting it on a steak and letting it sit for a few minutes to soak in before grilling. It's definitely one of the go-to spices in our kitchen. Love it!"

"Andy’s All-Purpose Spice Mix is a great combination to all your meals! I like to use multiple spices every time I cook, so when I grilled chicken and shrimp on the pit last night, I decided to only use Andy’s All-Purpose Spice Mix, and I quickly found out that was all I needed…The meal came out so great that I can’t wait to try it on other meals. Great job Andy!”